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Due to the order number 2363, dated 19.12.2007 signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, cave complex surrounded part of Keshikchidagh chain and situated in Aghstafa District was proclaimed “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

About frescos in carve-temple complex in “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) organized scientific expedition in the area of  “Jeyranchol” (Az: Ceyrançöl) and Christian (Caucasian Albanian, hereinafter “Albanian”) temples in August 2008 with the purpose of research in very difficult conditions.

Report on archaeological monuments discovered in Jeyranchol territory of Aghstafa District

In order to verify the information about the existence of ancient graves in the territories near to the “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve provided by its employees we traveled to this region in 24-25 June, 2011.

Report on archaeological and anthropological investigations carried out in “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve of expedition of ANAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography sent to Aghstafa District in December, 2008

According to the letter number 3171/09, dated 25.11.2008 on “Investigation of graves discovered by chance in “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve” of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev sent to the president of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Karimov, following expedition members of ANAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography have been sent to Aghstafa District on Decemeber 7, 2008:

Place of north-west territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in history and modern historical sources of Georgia


Georgian publicism and historical sources has sufficiently cover issues related with the so-called “Saingilo” region (Zagatala military area until 1919, at present Zagatala, Gakh and Balaken districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan). The issue began to be distinctive after the Russian despotism and Orthodox Church’s spreading of the Christianity since the mid of 19th century in Zagatala region where Christians were not widly seen.

Keshik Gala and Gatardagh range of mountains. Albanian temples

As noted in a number of sources there were many holy places, temple centers the territory of Caucasian Albania. In Albania during the period of Christianity 8 episcopate was n use. After the occupation of the Caliphate only 5 of them were remained in Albania and they were in the remote mountainous provinces, forest areas. 3 strong branches of Christianity existed in the North-West part of Azerbaijan in Sheki-Balaken, Kazakh-Dilijan districts.

Information on ancient monuments in the suburbs of  Keshikchidagh chain

Gatardag ranges which In the third geological period went out from the depth of sea created from sandy-loamy  wallows. From the sediments of this content relicts of huge spinal mammals referring to late sarmat (8-10 million years) had been founded.(by Hajiyev) .The interesting fact that in the content of complex three kind of relicts (Mastadont, southern and ancient), obtained elephant, giraffe, hipparion ,ancient bull, emu, etc also human like apes.

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